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Code: 53943

Range: Russell Hobbs

Design: Urbhan

Size: Carving knife 33cm / Bread knife 33cm / Chef's knife 33cm / Utility knife 25cm / Paring knife 22cm / Knife block: 22x11cm (circular) and doubles as a utensils holder.

Polypropylene knife block / knives: stainless steel blades with coating - black knife holder with wave shape insert

Handwash only

Each knife features a non-stick colour coating which assists in preventing food from sticking to the blade and is colour coded:

Carving knife - Cerise pink: The thin blade of the carving knife enables the user to slice thin precise cuts of meat, including poultry, roasts, hams and other large cooked meats.

Bread knife - Orange: The serration of the bread knife allows the user to slice through bread without squashing it. Making this knife indispensable for any kitchen.

Chef's knife - Purple: The Chef's knife (or Cook's knife) is shaped with a slight curve. Allowin the user to rock the knife for a more precise cut.

Utility knife - Yellow: Great for cutting vegetables and sandwich meats that are not large enough for the Chef's knife. Shorter blade allows easy manoeuvrability.

Paring knife - Green: The paring knife is a knife of many talents. It is ideal for peeling fruits and vegetable. As well as contrilooed detailed cutting and scoring patterns and designs on surfaces of foods.

Do not expose knives to flame or extreme heat. Do not cut frozen food with these knives. When washing the knives by hand do not use scourers of gritty cleaning agent as this will damage the knives. Keep knives away from children and always supervise a minor using knives.

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